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Aerial Repair and Installation

TV Aerial/ Freeview:  In 2011 the analogue signal was turned off and the digital service (Freeview) is the only TV signal available through an aerial. Some existing TV aerials and distribution systems may need to be upgraded to receive a reliable digital signal. Unlike analogue where it is possible to watch TV with a bad or poor signal be it snowy or ghosting and not very pleasant, with digital you get a perfect picture or nothing at all. There is a border line between perfect and nothing where the picture breaks up, freezes and goes into little squares. Ultimately what is best is to have an aerial system where the signal is strong and robust enough to never get near to picture breakup no matter what the atmospheric conditions are and other factors that cause problems.


New Aerial Installation:   If you need a new aerial or are thinking of upgrading an existing system we would first test the signal at the site of aerial and let you know the signal strength and how reliable its going to be.

All the aerials we use have passed the C.A.I. Benchmark test and have been certificated. The coax cable we use has also passed the C.A.I. Benchmark and is double copper screened which is of high enough standard to be used with the high frequency of satellite(IF) as well as U.H.F

You can also be assured that best practices set out by the C.A.I. are followed for such things as appropriate bracketry for length of mast, fixings used and gauge thickness of mast ect.

We take pride in our work and a well installed aerial rig using quality materials should see 20 years plus before needing to be replaced.

If you would like to book or discuss things further please give us a call on 01473 714363

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